With Public Chain Entering the Second Half, AOS Aims to be №1 in Privacy Public Chain

After years of development, public chain has entered the second half. More and more opponents appear on the competition track, including several transaction platforms ranking Top 10 in the world who declare to march into the area of public chain. Tough competitors are adding excitement to the second half of public chain. Days during the first half of public chain when performance and usability were competed for are over. Coming to the second half, the areas to be competed for would be vertical area and implementation of ecological application.

AOS public chain aims to be №1 in the area of privacy public chain. Then you may ask, what’s the basis of AOS being №1?

First let’s take a look at its achievements. AOS is the fastest privacy public chain in the world to support smart contract, the first public chain in the world to support zero knowledge proof programming and the leading public chain in the world to support the issuance of privacy digital assets. Meanwhile, AOS is known to the media as “development platform of private mini program” and “private EOS”.

Makes Encryption Assets Safer