Monthly Briefing of AOS Public Blockchain

May, 2021

Data Review:

(1) AOS currency value signified a correction

The currency price remained stable within the range of 0.03–0.04USDT for most of the time, while the currency price surged to over 0.08USDT due to the news of “AOS Burn”, representing an increase of 135%

(2) AOS community scale rose steadily

Number of community users rose by almost 10,000, an increase of about 1.55%

(3) AOS user activity continued to rise

Number of daily active users of AOS official website/blockchain browser/wallet rose by over 1.68%

Product and technology development:

(1) Building the AOS-based layer2 structure as the foundation for AOS’s future expansion. The project development is close to completion;

(2) Launched the research and development of Smart Asset Protocol, exploring new a path for traditional assets to be issued on the blockchain;

Market and Operation:

(1) On May 21st, AOS released the “AOS Burn” announcement: to support the AOS 2.0 strategy, AOS has been burned from a total of 100 billion tokens to 1.2 billion. Burning 98.8% of total AOS supply paves the way for the launch of AOS 2.0.

(2) On May 28th, Mike Simons introduced the AOS 2.0 strategic plan on in a recorded video.

(3) On May 31st, Mike Simons replied to questions raised by users of AOS Community and shared his opinion on industry headlines in a recorded video.

(4) On June 10, to celebrate that “El Salvador adopts BTC as legal tender”, AOS have decided to give away 1 million AOS to crypot lovers in El Salvador. Meanwhile, AOS plans to establish AOS El Salvador community and recruit community partners among Salvadorans.

Thank you

AOS Team