Monthly Briefing of AOS Public Blockchain

2 min readNov 15, 2021


(October, 2021)

Data Review:

(1) AOS currency value signified a correction

In September, the currency price remains stable within the range of 0.006–0.01USDT.

(2) AOS community scale shrunk

Number of community users dropped by about 1.56%

(3) AOS user activity declined

Number of daily active users of AOS official website/blockchain browser/wallet decreased by about 1.63%.

Product and technology development:

On November 9th, AOS 2.0 Whitepaper was officially released. NFT, Metaverse, cross-chain and DeFi will be focuses of AOS 2.0 development. Let’s look forward to the great technological revolution at AOS 2.0 stage.

User community:

(1) As at October 10th, AOS Creativity Contest received a large amount of unique and creative works from participants. We hereby appreciate the participation of AOS community members.

(2) On November 4th, Lbank, an established crypto trading platform, announced that the AOS would be listed on LBank Exchange on November 9th.

Thank you

AOS Team




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