Monthly Briefing of AOS Privacy Public Blockchain (Nov, 2020)

Data Review:

(1) AOS currency value signified a correction

Ø In November (from November 1st to November 30th), the currency price remains stable as correction continues.

(2) AOS community continued to rise

The number of community users rose by more than 40,000, an increase of about 7.4%;

(3) AOS user activity continued to rise

Number of daily active users of AOS official website/blockchain browser/wallet rose by over 14.5%.

Product and technology development:

(1) The technological plan of private payment has been improved and optimized. The plan is based on the set of ring signature + homomorphic encryption + zero-knowledge proof. This upgrade not only renews AOS public blockchain’s bottom level smart contract but also updates the AOS wallet. Once upgraded, the confidential assets issued on AOS public blockchain will outperform those on Monero and Zcash in terms of accessibility, privacy and efficiency.

(2) AOS android wallet enhanced its authority management by adopting stricter regulations to eliminate misstatement of risk warning when installing the AOS wallet.

Ecological construction:

(1) The liquidity blockchain game Rock Paper Scissors, which is based on AOS public chain development, has been listed on AOS wallet DAPP center and popular among users in AOS global community. The game also won the AOS Global Hackathon Innovation Competition.

(2) AOS Global Hackathon Innovation Competition ended successfully and the awarding winners of the Preliminary (Shortlist Award) are announced. The award projects cover themes from decentralized exchange, Defi liquidity mining, blockchain games, blockchain auction, blockchain voting, oracle to integrated development environment, programming development kit and NFT underlying technology. DAPP type works were all developed base on AOS public chain. Winners come from 11 countries or regions including the UK, Hong Kong, the USA, China, Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Vietnam, Australia, Japan and Argentina.

(3) The awarding winners of the AOS Global Hackathon Innovation Competition Final (Winning Award) are announced. The award projects cover four application directions, including decentralized exchange, Defi liquidity mining, blockchain games and blockchain voting. All projects are developed based on AOS public chain. Winners come from 5 countries including the UK, the USA, China, Singapore, and Korea.

Commercial cooperation

In October 2020, AOS ecology forged an alliance with Filecoin ecology, and AOS Korean community reached strategic cooperation with Earthledger, the IPFS mine machine provider, to explore deep collaboration in technological aspects such as privacy protection and data security and operational aspects such as storage mining and community promotion. In November 2020, a large group of users has paid AOS to purchase Filecoin hash and participated in IFPS mining with large discounts.

Community building

(1) AOS Global Voices launched by AOS Global Community Union continues to advance. Multiple user representatives from English community, Indonesian community, Bengali community, Korean community, Vietnamese community, Chinese community, Spanish community and Thai community express their understanding, love and expectation of AOS via video.

(2) AOS official Twitter announced a giveaway activity for global users on Thanksgiving

Thank you

AOS Team

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