Aug 12, 2020

4 min read

Monthly Briefing of AOS Privacy Public Chain

(Jul, 2020)

Data review:

(1) AOS currency value continued to grow rapidly

Ø In the last five months (from March 1st to July 31st), currency value rose about 219%;

Ø “Monthly candlestick chart” saw six consecutive months’ of upward movement after being launched for transaction;

(2)AOS community scale rose rapidly

Number of community users rose by about 60,000, an increase of about 19.35%;

(3) AOS user activity continued to rise

Number of daily active users of AOS official website/blockchain browser/wallet rose by over 18.2%.

Product and research

(1) Android APP wallet UI has been thoroughly upgraded;

(2) AOS public chain underlying technology has been continually optimized to make solid preparation of underlying technology for holding AOS Hack Marathon Competition;

(3) iOS version of APP wallet development has been initiated;

(4) AOS official website has launched Turkish version.

Market and ecology:

(1) AOS Global Hacker Marathon Innovation Competition will be held on August 20th. At present, the announcement has been released, revealing details including competition theme (technology leadership, application innovation), competition direction (privacy/anonymity technology + decentralized application), competition rules (preliminary + final), competition question (NFT, decentralized exchange, borrowing, oracle, etc.), award rules, bonus and incubation project (850,000 AOS to reward excellent works, 5 million dollars of supporting funds to support excellent developers).

(2) The scope of scenario in which AOS is used as a payment instrument is widening day by day. Many merchants (supermarkets, restaurants, hotels, etc.) in South America (mainly Argentina), Asia (mainly Vietnam) and other regions support users to use AOS payment. AOS will continuously optimize payment experience and accelerate its mutual integration and mutual promotion with real economy.

(3) AOS is included in the first blockchain app store — CoinPlay.

(4), Borger News Herald, News Online, chroniclejournal, Times Online and over 300 media have reported AOS and spoken highly of the performance of AOS in DeFi and other fields.

Community building:

(1) AOS Global Community Union development continues to advance. AOS Japanese community building has been completed in July. At present, there are ten language (region) communities including English, Korean, Chinese, Russian, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Australian, Bengali, Spanish and Japanese community; communities under construction include French community, German community, Portuguese community, Turkish community, etc. to realize global user coverage.

(2) Popular science series video clips planned and produced by AOS community, AOS Blockchain Classroom, has been launched.

(3) Popular science series graphic tutorial planned and launched by AOS community, AOS Blockchain Lecture, has been launched;

(4) AOS official twitter launched activities like “in Celebration of Users Reaching 300,000 and in Return for the Community” in late July;

(5) AOS Chinese community launched activities like “AOS Knowledge Competition” in July;

(6) AOS Spanish community launched the airdrop activity of “Follow/RT to Win AOS”;

(7) AOS Russian community launched the activity of “Brainstorming based on AOS Public Chain DApp Development” in July;

(8) AOS Australia community launched the activity of “AOS Technology Roadmap Interpretation Meeting” in July;

Thank you

AOS Team