Monthly Briefing of AOS Privacy Public Chain

(Sep, 2020)

Data review:

(1) AOS token value signified a slight correction

Ø In September (from September 1st to September 30th), the biggest correction rate of currency price was about 12.9%

Ø AOS currency value experienced the first correction after 8 months of continuous upward surge, got strong support at 0.06USDT;

(2) AOS community scale rose rapidly

Number of community users rose by about 60,000, an increase of about 14.28%;

(3) AOS user activity continued to rise

Number of daily active users of AOS official website/blockchain browser/wallet rose by over 13.4%.

Product and technology development:

(1) AOS wallet experienced iteration upgrade and is able to support fingerprint payment and other functions;

(2) Mixing service has been undertaken to further enhance privacy.

Ecological construction:

(1) The liquidity mining platform MINING FARM, which is based on AOS public chain development, has been listed on AOS wallet DAPP center in September and supports developers’ easy launch of liquidity mining with one click.

(2) AOSWAP, the decentralized exchange based on AOS public chain development, issued its own governing token, ASP, in late September and started liquidity mining which supports ASP with AOS as collateral. After mining was started, collateral AOS reached nearly 200 million.

(3) The governing token ASP of AOSWAP, the decentralized exchange based on AOS public chain development, has been listed on kangbo trading platform in late September, with a surge of 940.5 times.

(4) AOS Global Hacker Marathon Competition continues to advance. The Competition is themed at “Leading the technology, aiming for application and innovation”. Competition topics include Decentralized Exchange, Decentralized Lending, Decentralized Stable Coin, Oracle, NFT, etc. The Competition establishes a bonus pool of 850,000 AOS for excellent works and supporting funds of 5 million dollars for excellent developers. So far, dozens of teams have signed up for the Competition and several ecological projects are under development.

Brand building and market cooperation

(1) New release of a promotional video on AOS public chain technology;

(2) AOS has been listed on Coinlore

Community building

(1) AOS Global Voices launched by AOS Global Community Union continues to advance. Multiple user representatives from English community, Indonesian community, Bengali community, Korean community, Vietnamese community, Chinese community and Spanish community express their understanding, love and expectation of AOS via video.

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