Monthly Briefing of AOS Privacy Public Chain

(Aug, 2020)

Data review:

(1) AOS currency value continued to grow steadily

Ø In the last Aug (from Aug 1st to Aug 31st), currency value rose about 21.5%

Ø In the recent 6 months (from Mar 1st to Aug 31st), currency value rose about 270%; average monthly rose 45%

Ø Since the opening of trading, the “monthly K-line” has risen for 7 consecutive months

(2)AOS community scale rose rapidly

Number of community users rose by about 50,000, an increase of about 13.51%

(3) AOS user activity continued to rise

Number of daily active users of AOS official website/blockchain browser/wallet rose by over 14.2%.

Product and research

(1) iOS APP wallet development has been completed, and it is now online

(2) AOS wallet is iteratively upgraded, and new functions such as fingerprint unlocking will be added

Ecosystem Construction

(1) The AOS Global Hackathon has been launched on August 20. The theme of the competition is “Leading Technology, Application Innovation”; the competition topics include decentralized exchanges, decentralized lending, decentralized stablecoins, oracles, NFTs, etc.; the competition has set up a prize of 850,000 AOS for outstanding works Pool, and a 5 million dollar support fund for outstanding developers. So far, dozens of team entries have been received.

(2) AOSWAP, a decentralized trading platform developed based on the AOS public chain, has been launched the AOS Wallet DAPP Center, and AOSWAP is independently developed and operated by community developers. AOSWAP is the first hackathon innovation project wassuccessfully launched the AOS wallet DAPP center.

(3) The scenario of AOS as a payment tool is expanding. Many merchants (supermarkets, restaurants, hotels, etc.) in South America, Asia, Europe and other regions support users to use AOS to pay. AOS will continue to optimize the payment experience and accelerate the interaction with the real economy Integration and mutual promotion.

Brand Building and Market Cooperation

(1) AOS film “Privacy. That is AOS” is newly released;

(2) AOS has been listed on CMC

(2) AOS has been listed on the crypto market analysis platform CryptoCompare

Community Construction

(1) According to statistics from the AOS Global Community Union, the English, Korean, Chinese, Russian, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Australian, Bengali, Spanish, Japanese, and Turkish in total 11 language (regional) communities were established. As of early August, the total number of users in the community has exceeded 350,000.

(2) AOS Indonesian and Vietnamese communities have carried out various community activities

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