Monthly Briefing of AOS Privacy Public Chain

(Dec, 2020)

Data Review:

(1) AOS currency value signified a rapid rebound

In December, the currency price rose by a maximum of 59%, topping out at 0.07USDT again;

AOS currency prices enjoyed a vast growth after a three-month correction.

(2) AOS user activity continued to rise

The number of community users rose by more than 30,000, an increase of about 5.3%;

(3) AOS user activity continued to rise

The number of DAU of the AOS official website/blockchain browser/wallet rose by over 4.2%.

Product and technology development:

(1) The initial test of ring signature algorithm LRSAS (linkable ring signature algorithm designed for AOS), including function testing and the performance testing of AOS virtual machine has been completed.

(2) The AOS virtue machine has had a comprehensive security inspection on its environment, providing a safer and more efficient Defi application development and operation circumstances for communities.

Ecological construction:

(1)”AOS Annual Celebration Campaign” Action I: “AOS Consensus · Special Contribution of the Year” event has been launched. The event, sponsored by AOS Foundation and organized by AOS Global Community Union, covers the eight AOS communities of different languages globally. The event procedure consists of “self-nomination/nomination — community nomination — Evaluation — Announcement”. The event is to reward and encourage the community users who have made outstanding contributions in technological development, community building, brand promotion and so forth. Winners of “special contributions” will receive rich rewards.

(2) “AOS Annual Celebration Campaign” Action II: “Share your stories & Send Your Wishes” event has been launched. Users shares their stories with AOS or their wishes to participate the activity. The event covers the eight AOS communities of different languages globally. What we have been through in the past boosted our confidence, what we are about to achieve is the rapid growth of AOS ecology with joint effort.

Community users proactively submit their content and works to join the compaign.

Community building

(1) AOS Global Voices launched by AOS Global Community Union continues to advance. Multiple user representatives from English community, Indonesian community, Bengali community, Korean community, Vietnamese community, Chinese community, Spanish community and Thai community express their understanding, love and expectation of AOS via video.