Monthly Briefing of AOS Privacy Public Chain

(June, 2020)

Data review:

(1) AOS currency value continued to grow rapidly

Ø In June (from June 1st to June 30th), currency value rose about 22.72%;

Ø In the last four months (from March 1st to June 30th), currency value rose about 195%;

Ø “Monthly candlestick chart” saw five consecutive months’ of upward movement;

(2)AOS community scale rose rapidly

Number of community users rose by about 70,000, an increase of about 29%;

(3) AOS user activity continued to rise

Number of daily active users of AOS official website/blockchain browser/wallet rose by over 27%.

Technology development:

(1) Preparing for Hackathon and building a test chain which has stronger performance, richer functions and supports heavy smart contract for Hackathon.

(2) After being verified by Hackathon, new technologies and functions of AOS test chain will be included in AOS main net.

(3) New version of AOS wallet has been put into development. UI, user experience and other aspects will be thoroughly upgraded.

Community building:

(1) AOS Global Voices launched by AOS Global Community Union continues to advance. Multiple user representatives from English community, Indonesian community, Bengali community, Korean community, Vietnamese community, Chinese community and Spanish community express their understanding, love and expectation of AOS via video and realize sharing and communication on AOS Consensus on a global scale.

(2) AOS Global Community Union produced and launched AOS Global Consensus Promotional Video — Building Global Consensus and Gathering Global Power in late June.

(3) In late June, AOS Spanish Community Fans Meeting was successfully held. Market power of AOS in South America is growing with each passing day.

(4) In late June, AOS Korean community produced and launched a course video — AOS Privacy Assets Transfer Operations Guide.

(5) AOS English community planned a series of popular science videos — AOS Blockchain Classroom, which are soon to be launched.

(6) In mid June, Bengali community launched “AOS Technology Roadmap Interpretation Meeting”;

(7) In early June, Vietnamese community launched “Brainstorming based on AOS Public Chain DAPP Development”;

(8) In late June, Spanish community launched the community motivation community of “Following/Retweeting for AOS”;

Market and ecology:

(1) The scope of scenario in which AOS is used as a payment instrument is widening day by day. Many merchants (supermarkets, restaurants, hotels, etc.) in South America, Asia and other regions support users to use AOS payment. AOS will continuously optimize payment experience and accelerate its mutual integration and mutual promotion with real economy.

(2) In late June, AOS will log in sub-account quotation platform in late June. So far, AOS has been included by several market quotation platforms including Mytoken, CoinGecko, Coincodex and Coinhills. Global users can search for AOS-related information on the above platforms.

(3) Independent We-media people grade AOS, believing that AOS takes the lead in the field of privacy and grading it A+.

(4) Over 600 publicity materials have been published through over 500 media, including, Times Online, Global News Online, Economic Daily and Jinse Finance.

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