Monthly Briefing of AOS Privacy Public Chain

(May, 2020)

Data review:

(1) AOS currency value continued to grow rapidly

In May (from May 1st to May 30th), currency value rose about 18.42%;

In the last three months (from March 1st to May 30th), currency value rose about 150%,

(2) AOS community size grew rapidly

Number of community users rose about 60,000, an increase of about 33%;

(3) AOS user activity continued to rise

Number of daily active users of AOS official website/blockchain browser/wallet rose over 25%.

Development and product:

(1) In April, AOS development team has completed the issuance of privacy assets and the development of privacy transfer function, realizing the world’s first issuance of underlying privacy assets based on smart contract under Account model and privacy payment. On this basis, in May, AOS development team started to set about strengthening privacy protection property in AOS payment process with CoinJoin technology and providing better protection to AOS anonymous ecology.

(2) AOS Android mobile wallet has updated to 1.5.1 version and added account management, private key backup and other functions.

(3) In May, AOS official website has added Japanese site and Spanish site. Till now, AOS official website has owned seven sites including English, Korean, Chinese, Russian, Vietnamese, Japanese and Spanish site. French, Turkish and other language sites are soon to be launched.

Community building:

(1) AOS Global Community Union development continues to advance. In May, Spanish and Japanese communities have been newly built. At present, there are ten language (region) communities including English, Korean, Chinese, Russian, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Australian, Bengali, Spanish and Japanese community. Communities under construction include French, Germany, Portuguese, Turkish and other communities, covering global users soon.

(2) AOS Global Community We Media Platform building continues to advance. In May, Spanish community Twitter and Chinese community Facebook have been newly built. Until now, in AOS We Media system, apart from official Twitter, official Medium and Official Reddit, there are several We Media platforms including Russian community Twitter, Vietnamese community Twitter, Indonesian community Twitter, English community Youtube, English community Instagram, Chinese community Weibo, Chinese community Facebook and Korean community Naver to update global users on AOS news.

(3) AOS Global Community Platform building continues to advance. In April, Spanish community Telegram has been newly built. Until now, in AOS user community system, apart from official Telegram and official Discord, there are several community platforms including Korean community Telegram, Russian community Telegram, Vietnamese community Telegram, Bengali community Telegram, Chinese community WeChat group and Korean community kakao to stay in communication with global users.

(4) AOS Global Voice received warm welcome from several user representatives in English community, Indonesian community, Bengali community, Korean community, Vietnamese community, Chinese community and Spanish community, who expressed their understanding, love and expectation for AOS via video, realizing sharing and communication on “AOS consensus” globally.

(5) AOS communities conducted various interaction and communication:

Ø On June 2nd, Korean community successfully held a massive meetup activity;

Ø In May, English community introduced AOS Project Publicity Film;

ØBengali community held the activity of “Brainstorm Based on AOS Public Chain DAPP Development”;

Ø ndonesian community held the activity of “New User Airdrop AOS”;

Ø Vietnamese community, together with local KOL, held the activity of “AOS Technology Roadmap Interpretation Meeting”;

Ø Chinese community held activities of “AOS Pizza Holiday” and “ Contest for Chinese name”;

Market and ecology:

(1) AOS sees increasing scenarios as the payment tool. Many users in South America and Asia supports users with AOS payment. AOS will continue to improve payment experience and speed up mutual integration and promotion with real economy.

(2) Since April, AOS has successively been included in several market quotation platforms including CoinGecko, Coincodex, mytoken and Coinhills. Global users can search for AOS-related information on the above platforms. It is expected to log in sub-account quotation platform in the near future. Now the approaching stage has been reached.

(3) Over 100 publicity materials have been published through over 50 media, including Economic Daily, Jinse Finance and Huoxing Finance.

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AOS Team

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