Monthly Briefing of AOS Privacy Public Chain

(January, 2021)

Data Review:

Ø In January, the currency price rose by a maximum of 125.37%(0.067~0.151USDT);

Ø AOS currency price reached a new height at 0.15USDT.

(1) AOS user activity continued to rise

Number of community users rose by more than 30,000, an increase of about 5.08%

(2) AOS user activity continued to rise

Number of daily active users of the AOS official website/blockchain browser/wallet rose by over 5.5%

Product and technology development:

(1) The grand launch of AOS 2.0: AOS will follow a two-pronged approach that synergistically combines the improved cryptography computation capability of blockchain infrastructure and the introduction of diversified financial applications and assets. On the one hand, AOS will delve into the R&D of a combined solution of “Ring signature + Homomorphic encryption + Zero-knowledge proof” to strengthen the privacy protection capability for payment and smart contracts. By promoting new consensus protocol DPOS+POE(Proof of Encryption), AOS offers alternative cryptography computation services to smart contracts of open financial application on a large-scale (including zero-knowledge proof, quantum-resistant cryptography, and homomorphic encryption). On the other hand, we will launch Smart Asset Protocol to set a standard interface of high compatibility and programmability to enable more financial assets to be issued on the blockchain including stocks, funds, debentures, insurances, and financial derivatives. Meanwhile, we are endeavored to structure the MDAO (Multiple decentralized autonomous organizations) cross-chain ecology with the help of Zkrollup, so as to attract assets such as BTC, ETH, and LTC to AOS public chain. Thus, AOS will be built into a data and value hub for open financial ecology.

(2) To facilitate consensus protocol upgrading, AOS introduced cryptography computation mining to improve the scarcity of the AOS Token by burning 90% of the total AOS Token. The burning plan is estimated to end in 2021 Q2.

(3) AOS formulated a function and capability index for AOS 2.0 basic assembly unit, seeking to launch a configurable private smart contract platform for large-scale financial applications.

(4) AOS optimizes LRSAS (linkable ring signature algorithm designed for AOS) realization and integrated it with anonymous transaction computation, so users' experience would not be interrupted during the upgrade.

(5) AOS optimized virtual machine by adding basic algorithms of POW, LRSAS, and Bulletproof to support the rapid up-application.

Ecological construction:

(1) AOS Annual Celebration Campaign” Action I: “AOS Consensus · Special Contribution of the Year” has completed. The event was sponsored by AOS Foundation and organized by AOS Global Community. The Campaign awarded 20 winners with an AOS HERO Token and, an honorable certificate, and 5000 AOS coins.

The winner list of the AOS Consensus · Special Contribution of the Year is as follows:

Certificate samples:

(2) “AOS Annual Celebration Campaign Action II: Share Your Stories & Send Your Wishes has concluded. During the event, all language communities received a large number of submissions.

Voice in the market:

The revolutionary innovation in AOS 2.0 was reported with detailed introduction and analysis on the core technology by more than 500 international media, including,, Times Online, Global News Online,, Borger News-Herald and chronicle journal.

Thank you

AOS Team

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