Monthly Briefing of AOS Privacy Public Blockchain(April 2021)

Data Review:

  1. AOS currency value signified a correction

In April, the currency price remains stable within the range of 0.04–0.06USDT;

2. AOS community scale shrunk

Number of community users dropped by about 13.3%

3. AOS user activity declined

Number of DAU of AOS official website/blockchain browser/wallet decreased by about 15.3%.

Product and technology development:

Continue to build the AOS-based layer2 structure as the preparation for AOS’s future expansion;

User community:

In the interview with the user community, Mike Simons, the AOS Core Developer, explained the strategy of “building the AOS into a privacy public chain that is open to all”.

AOS global community launched the AOS forum “aostalk” on the Reddit platform where users are allowed to initiate a discussion or post articles. The forum creates a free communication platform for AOS global community.

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