Monthly Briefing of AOS Blockchain

( June, 2021)

Data Review:

(1) AOS currency value signified a correction

In June, the currency price remains stable within the range of 0.015–0.025USDT

(2) AOS community scale

Number of community users dropped by about 2.6%

(3) AOS user activity

Number of DAU of AOS official website/blockchain browser/wallet decreased by about 2.98%

Product and technology development:

(1) Continue to research and develop the “Smart Asset Protocol”, exploring new methods to issue traditional financial assets on the Blockchain;

(2) Launched the “Cross-chain Bridge Protocol” R&D project;

User community:

(1) To popularize AOS related technology and knowledge for users who could get a better understanding of AOS public blockchain technology, the AOS team launches the“AOS Technology & Innovation Series”, demonstrating and explaining the technological innovations and breakthroughs made by AOS in plain words.

(2) Mike Simons stated in the latest community video that, first, the current decline was the necessary self-correction of the market, and he remains bullish on the future market; second, we should embrace the rapidly growing NFT that has attracted industrial pioneers.

(3) To celebrate that “El Salvador makes BTC its legal tender”, AOS Official has decided to give away 1 million AOS to crypto lovers in the country. More than seven thousand crypto asset fans applied for joining the event.

Thank you

AOS Team