Congratulations! AOSWAP Is Successfully Launched at AOS Wallet DApp Center

AOSWAP is a decentralized trading platform developed on the strength of AOS public chains and is independently developed and operated by community developers. AOSWAP is also the first entry project of Hacker Marathon Innovation Competition successfully launched at the AOS Wallet DApp Center.

The decentralized trading platform based on AOS public chains, being an important part of AOS community, is the trading platform for many Tokens within AOS community in the future. At this point, AOS communities have already been provided with DApp application development platforms, one-click token issuing platforms and decentralized trading platforms, and a sophisticated community loop system has been established. Developers can easily complete DApp application development in the AOS ecosystem, and issue their own Tokens with one click, and then independently launch the decentralized trading platform. Developers can obtain full-process services.

At the same time, more developers are welcomed to develop decentralized platforms based on AOS public chains. Only a fully competitive and open market will become dynamic, and hopefully more developers will develop a rich variety of DAPP applications based on AOS public chains.


AOS is an open blockchain underlying protocol. Any developer can develop applications based on the AOS protocol. Launching the AOS Wallet DApp Center does not mean AOS official recognition and endorsement of DAPP applications. Please pay attention to identifying risks.

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