AOS: the World’s Best Privacy Public Chain

AOS, or Anonymous Operating System, is a privacy public chain aimed at providing privacy protection for users and providing development platform for decentralized applications.

AOS is the privacy public chain with the strongest performance in the world that supports smart contract. It supports users in issuing privacy token and is called “private EOS”.

AOS ushers in and leads privacy blockchain 3.0 era. AOS supports users in issuing privacy assets on their own and realizes Turing complete on the level of privacy asset issuance. Compared with other common privacy smart contract platforms, AOS supports zero-knowledge proof programming for the first time and realizes Turing complete on the level of privacy application programming, or supports users in developing privacy DAPP easily.

AOS vision

AOS public chain is an anonymous and privacy ecology infrastructure project. AOS will provide privacy data protection, privacy application development, privacy commercial implementation and other services for millions of enterprises and individuals globally, which will surely build AOS into the first privacy public chain in blockchain.

Core Functions

AOS Core Advantage

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