AOS Officially Launched the Global Community Partner Recruitment Plan

AOS team will officially start recruiting community partners at 8:00AM UTC on Mar 4, 2020. As a key role for AOS global communities union, the community partners will practice community autonomy in the construction of the AOS global community, cooperate with AOS community, and share the achievements of AOS’ development.

Open Positions:

Community Manager — English

Community Manager — Korean

Community Manager — Russian

Community Manager — Spanish

Community Manager — Vietnamese

Community Manager — Portuguese

Community Manager — Arabic

Community Manager — Indonesian

AOS Introduction:

AOS is a smart contract platform that inherits the high performance and high scalability of EOS, while featuring the additional function of payment privacy. As a new-generation privacy public chain, AOS supports smart contracts, is able to issue anonymous assets, and is known as anonymous EOS.


1) Manage the local online/offline AOS communities and keep growth

2) Select appropriate media according to respective strategic purposes and coordinate media events to increase positive exposure.

3) Facilitate the expansion of AOS local base and influence.

4) Assist in organizing offline events and meet-ups in your city.


1) Agree with the development concept of AOS public chain, and actively cooperated with the community operation and publicity;

2)Blockchain enthusiasts or media and community KOL priority;

3)Certain resources in the Blockchain circle, investors and media practitioners will be given priority;

4) Familiarity with online platforms such as Telegram, Twitter, Facebook, Medium, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc.

5) Passion and experience in the crypto industry is a strong plus.

Exclusive rewards for community managers

Basic Rewards

Salary will be paid via USDT based on the size of the community and contribution, and will be issued on the 9th of each month;

If the community number reaches 200 people, you can be qualified as the community partner and enjoy the rights and interests of community partner; Community growth targets must be completed on a monthly basis.

Extra Rewards

According to the monthly performance, the top 3 partners can get an extra monthly bonus.

Other bonus:

  1. Exclusive customized partner certificate and peripheral gift package of AOS

2. AOS Foundation will organize different forms of communication activities and training, improve the knowledge, skills and the service ability and service level, so that they become the backbone of the AOS community.

3. The AOS Foundation will provide various community support, such as tokens, peripheral gifts, and other forms of airdrops.

Important Note:

AOS team shall be in charge of the community group management authority, otherwise, the community partner qualification cannot be obtained.


Send your application and resume to:

Thanks for your support all the time!

AOS Team

Mar 4

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