AOS Launches on KANGBO Crypto Exchange

Dear AOS Fans,

AOS has launched Kangbo crypto exchange with the opening trading pair of AOS/USDT.

Launch Time:

Deposit: 16:00 (UTC+8), January 7

Trading: 14:00 (UTC+8), January 8

Project Introduction

Anonymous Operating System (AOS)
AOS is a smart contract platform with high scalability and privacy payment functions. AOS is a new generation private public chain that supports smart contracts and can issue anonymous assets on the public chain.
1.Anonymous Operating System (AOS) is a blockchain operating system designed for distributed applications that focus on user privacy.
It is a blockchain operating system that can maintain high performance and high scalability while protecting the privacy of users.
At present, personal assets are not developed on any public chain without security protection, and they lack the technology to protect the privacy of user property privacy.
AOS will pay more attention to the anonymity and privacy of users and distributed applications. The anonymity or privacy features of users and DAPPs further encrypt the protection of personal assets.
AOS’s consensus mechanism is designed using DPoS-pBFT.

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AOS Team

Makes Encryption Assets Safer

Makes Encryption Assets Safer