AOS Hackathon Innovation Competition has ended, and the first prize goes to decentralized exchange AOSWAP

After the schedule that lasted for up to 3 months, AOS Global Hackathon Innovation Competition (online competition) ended in late November. During the competition, the official received hundreds of application forms. Contestants from a dozen countries submitted tens of works in total, covering Defi, game, infrastructure component, oracle, public chain technology solution, practical tooling system and other fields. Considering the large number of participating groups and the huge popularity of the competition, the original competition date had to be postponed one month later.

After the work submission deadline in late November, AOS Hackathon organizing committee immediately started the screening and evaluation process of the works. After repeated selection, reasoning and testing of the works, the final winning list of the Hacker Marathon Competition was decided in the principle of fairness, impartiality and openness.

In the audition, a total of 12 works in accordance with the competition rules won the Finalist Award, with each shortlisted team receiving a reward of 20,000 AOS, among which 6 excellent works entered the finals to compete for the final ranking.

The third prize goes to three works, including Blockchain voting (a on-chain voting application developed by a Singaporean team), Animal Picking (an animal guessing game developed by a South Korean team) and Rock Paper Scissors (a rock-paper-scissors game developed by a Chinese team). Three teams will each get 50,000 AOS as a reward. Works on game application have all been included in AOS wallet DAPP center and are available to users.

The second prize goes to two works. One is Dice (a dice game developed by a US team). Fairness and impartiality of the game result is guaranteed through smart contract. Another is Mining Farm (a liquidity mining application developed by a UK team). It is worth mentioning that after being launched, Mining Farm got nearly 200 million AOS involved at one time. The launch of Mining Farm contributed significantly to Defi development road of AOS ecology. The organizing committee gave away 100,000 AOS for each work wining the second prize.

The top priority of the competition, or the first prize that contestants concern the most, goes to only one work. After repeated reasoning, the organizing committee gave the prize to a development team from the UK, whose work is a decentralized exchange based on AOS public chain — AOSWAP. The birth of this work improves the ecological competitiveness of AOS and provides a new direction for the innovation of DEX. AOSWAP was expected largely to compete with Uniswap at one time.

With the advantage of AOS underlying technology, AOSWAP realizes characteristics such as no commission, instant transaction and instant transfer in transaction, overriding Uniswap in terms of application performance and user experience. At the same time, AOSWAP also supports private asset transaction based on zero-knowledge proof technology so that transaction is untraceable.

After AOSWAP got the first prize, its development team will get 200,000 AOS as a reward, which is also the highest prize in this competition. Apart from the reward of AOS, the fund of 5 million dollars set previously for the competition will start the evaluation work and provide comprehensive support for teams or companies with strong comprehensive strength, solid technology and advanced ideas.

AOS Hackathon Competition, which lasted three months, attracted numerous excellent developers worldwide and received extensive attention from the industry. Although the competition is over, the construction of AOS ecology is continuing. People with any work or proposal helpful to AOS public chain and contributes to AOS ecology can contact the official. AOS team is still struggling on the road to blockchain privacy protection and public chain performance construction.

Makes Encryption Assets Safer

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Makes Encryption Assets Safer

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