AOS Annual Celebration Campaign Action I: “AOS Consensus·Special Contribution of the Year” Event

Past one-year development has built AOS public chain into the world-leading privacy public chain backed by advancing technology, thriving ecology and boosting communities with over 550,000 users.

We hold this campaign to reward and honor the community users who have made special contributions to the AOS.


Ø Sponsor: AOS Foundation

Ø Organizer: AOS Global Community Union


All AOS community users (exclude staff of AOS Foundations and AOS Global Community Union)


Contribution includes:

Ø Community: Built and operated community, launched online/offline events;

Ø Promotion: created or promoted content (article/video/photo, etc.)

Ø Technology: conducted DAPP development based on AOS public chains, made codes contributions, proposed technological advice and suggestions to improve the products;

Ø Others: made any contributions that have improved AOS public chain and prospered the AOS ecology.


1. Self-nomination/nomination

Users and cadres of all communities (see Appendix) may recommend and nominate themselves or others for the award.

(1) Recommendation time:

Jan 6th , 2021 00:00 — to Jan 10th, 23:59 (UTC+0)

(2) Method (either one)

Ø Leave your comments in the comment section of the we-media (see Appendix) of different communities (the launch time of the campaign will be subject to the community)

Ø Message the we-media (see Appendix) operators of any AOS Communities;

(3) Information required:

Ø Nickname of the contributor;

Ø Contributions (explain with specific cases)

Ø Contact (email is recommended for receiving prize and other purposes)

Ø Contribution exhibition (screenshot or links, etc.)

2. Nomination by each community:

According to the value created, each community selects 2–5 nominees with outstanding contributions from the self-nomination and recommendation lists and submits lists to AOS Global Community Union.

(1) Application time:

Jan 11th, 2021 23:59 (UTC+0)

(2) Application email:

3. The Evaluation and Announcement of AOS Global Community Union

Based on the lists submitted by every community, AOS Global Community Union will select 20 outstanding contributors and make a public announcement of the winners for two days. If there is no objection during the announcement period, winners will receive the medal and the prize.

Special Contribution Award

(1) One AOS HERO honorable Token;

The AOS HERO Honorable Token is issued by the AOS Foundation based on AOS public chains to reward community members who have made outperforming contributions to the development of AOS. The AOS Foundation will release 200 limited edition tokens for this time and 20 tokens annually for the next ten years. The AOS HERO Honorable Token represents the recognition and praise from the AOS Foundation to contributors for their efforts. Gaining the Token also means obtaining access to more benefits in the future.

(2) An e-certificate of AOS Consensus · Special Contribution of the Year

(3) 5000 AOS

The list of communities (users may select each of any languages)

Global Union:








Thank You

AOS Team

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